Valentin Web Development

Business site

For companies which may be making their first appearance on the web, but have their own idea of design and overall aesthetics of their site. If you need to make yourself known to clients and business colleagues, online business card is an easy way to accomplish this task. Less complicated technically. Simpler and easier to understand.

Online shop

The most important thing in an online shop is its convenience and clarity for the user. Only convenient online store will sell goods and insure the increase of your regular customers. So if you really want to create an efficient online platform for strong sales of goods, we will help you implement your project.

Corporate website

Apart from simple sites, we develop large corporate sites with a number of features:
- Presenting several kinds of business on one site.
- Conveniently organizing large amounts of information.
- Offering customers special online services.

Want something special?

What could it be? Perhaps an online service, or a high capacity project, attracting hundreds of thousands visitors daily? Or maybe you are interested in creating a business automation system based on web technologies?

Valentin Web Development

Hello! My name is Valentin Prosiak. I'm a web programmer. If you dream about a useful, modern and good-looking web site in a short time - you are welcome!

I have a 10-year experience of successful work.

Some of my projects you can see in the Gallery on my Home page.